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DO YOU AGREE? Asari Dokubo Says ‘South- East Is A Barren Soil & Has No Economic Contribution To The Country’


According to a recent development report, the ex- Niger Delta militant warlord, Asari- Dokubo Mujahid has blasted the southeast region of Nigeria over their agitation for a Biafra republic.

In the report which was made by IgbereTV, the ex- Niger Delta militant group leader, Asari- Dokubo has described the southeast region of Nigeria as barren soil and has made no economic contribution whatsoever to the country.


Recall that, Asari is the head of the militant group in the South- South part of the country. A group that stood up to fight for the well- being of the south- south region of the country via vandalization of oil production facilities in the Niger Delta.

While speaking further, he said that the Southeast is not economically important for Nigeria. He affirmed that the people of the South- East, Igbos in particular, are only capable of transforming money into money. He claims the Igbo can’ t do anything but turn money into money.



He pointed out that the activities of unknown armed men have depreciated the unity and peaceful atmosphere for commercial activities in the region. He said the area is threatened by the activities of these unknown armed men.

He also cautioned against encouraging unidentified gunmen by residents.


Let’ s take a look at some reactions from people online below:

” The era of mineral resources has gone. The world has turned into knowledge resources in which the Igbos has in abundance.

Facebook loss over $6billion just within hours of shut down. So you can imagine how much they make daily. Facebook isn’ t an oil company. So my dear Asari, you lack knowledge resources & that’ s why your Mumu never do😁”

” Asari Dokubo and co turn Niger delta or south south a death trap for all living things around that environment and her eco system. You couldn’ t write or see the damage they will do to her. Suddenly you find your pen and paper to condemn what is happening in south East. In as much as I will never support of killing of innocent people unjustly, anyone with human soul should not praise the killings of another person, but those who have and still living by Bullet and sword should not advice another people that is doing the same thing. ”


” Mind you Mr poster, Anambra alone has one the largest gas deposit in the nation still untapped, I don’ t need to tell you others, but remember, Israel has non known natural resources, go and dire them. Peace should reign in southeast anyways. ”

” By this post it shown that Asari Dokubo has aligned himself with the usual state which read as ” That it’ s better to be a slave in the hands of hausa Fulani than to have a freedom in any place where an Igbo man is a leader ” Asari Dokubo you should mind your oil let us mind our God given wisdom, Igbo has been waxing great without South South and one with God will always survive. . . ”


” Don’ t cry for us Argentina. With all the natural resources you guys have, How far? If you walk in the spirit Asari, you won’ t talk anyhow about the Zion obodo oma Chineke. Elohim will shock una with what He Has prepared for His children the BIAFRANS including the land you are claiming that it is not part of BIAFRA. God is shaking the whole world because He is about to introduce a wonderful, spiritual and scriptural nation of BIAFRA. A piece of God on the planet earth. E go choke badly for the unbelievers of IPOB and Ohamadike. ”

” Asari you should respect east the three wise men didn’ t come from your south neither North but from East, Talking of natural resources you need more enlighten, imo, Abia, Anambra are all oil Communities talking of gas Abia has it abundantly, lime stone in quantum at nkalagu etc dominated with human resources that’ s why we could boldly stand with £20 despite our Confiscated properties in PH we’ re still more than Conquerors, we never depend on govt aids or Amnesty as you do, give respect to the igbo then will you prosper”


” When a foolish speaks, you will know. Of what benefit is that your natural resources to your region. After northern Nigeria, South south is the poorest despite the natural resources. Last time I checked, world most developed economies built their economy on mass production of goods and services. I pray we liberate ourselves from this kind of mentality. Production and distribution is the key to economic growth, development and stability. ”

” Your assumption is that the unknown gunmen are men of the eastern crop? Why are they called ” unknown? ” Who in their right senses hails terror? Did you say the south east has no resources? You mean, natural or human resources? Kindly do an indepth research, the southeast is the oil that keeps the country moving. ”


” They have tried everything to destroy us, it could not work. They did their Best to enslave us but no way. They have joined force with us in order to sabotage us, still it is not working. Now they are envying us. They have turned to columnist on Social media. ”

” Our Leader @MaziNnamdiKanu told us about all this. We have been expectant. , we even know that more betrayal is on the way.

But at all this, Biafra is our Final destination. That is where our joy resides. ”



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