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If A Dog Is About To Attack You, Do Not Run Or Scream, Do These 5 Things To Save Yourself Instead

One of the basic reasons why people raise dogs is that dogs security provided Dogs you should bet on the reduced risk of a break-in or theft when you have a dog in your house. Dogs are good at defending against criminals and are always on guard, ready to bark or defend their families, as they are very protective, particularly of the children in the house.

Robbers are less likely to strike because they know that a dog would warn their owner, threaten them, or reduce their risk of making off with products dramatically.

In today’s post, I am really going to show you an excellent way of escaping and using you when an angry dog attacks you.

Of course, at some point, everybody has to have understood what we all know as the fear of a dog. We even walk to areas where there might not even be a dog in safety, the dog barks at you before you know it.

So I will tell you five things in this post to stop you from shouting and running when an angry dog is about to strike you. I know that almost all of you are shocked and scared about a dog attacking you, and the main thing in your brain is to run or scream for help.

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Well, actually, it’s natural wrong, because it just lets your dog realize how afraid you are or fear him, and that provides him with the advantage and even more justification for attacking or chasing you.

There are five things to do if a dog tries to bite you, too.

  1. With your hands or legs gather plenty of sand.

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Dogs are really afraid of sand, and they’ll probably leave you when they see the sand in your hand when you pack up sand after you because sand is one of those things they’re afraid of.

  1. Get a stick or a weapon.

If you look around and see not enough sand to get it, the next thing you can do is search for a stick or other weapons to scare the puppy.

  1. Scream at the Dog

You can yell at your dog as your next option if you can’t get sand or a stone. To make the dog look genuine, make sure you use your whole voice to sob. The doge is trying to give him the impression that you’re not scared of him, so he’s going to run away if he sees you bark or yell at him as well.

  1. Try finding the owner of the dog or calling.

Please call him/her if the trainer is near to the dog, as he will calm the dog down so he/she does not assault you.

  1. Holding in a spot without shifting.

If the dog really comes after you, stop and walk or run, don’t give him the impression that you’re going to run, that he’s going to know that you’re not afraid or that you’re not going anywhere.

Then, please make sure that any time a dog bites you, you do these five things. Thanks for reading this. Thanks for reading this.


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