Doing Wife Duties For Your Boyfriend Will Only Make Him Marry You Out Of Pity – Blessing CEO

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Certain women are desperate for marriage and this makes them do a lot of unnecessary things to please their men. Such women do not raise their value and their men eventually outgrow them.

Blessing CEO has stated that a lady doing wife duties for her boyfriend will only make him marry out of pity. According to her, men are not committed to their wives because they already collected all the benefits that they want from them.

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“Many of you are giving husband benefits to your boyfriends and that is why they are not committing to you. You don’t know what to do when you find a husband because your boyfriend has milked away the things that you are supposed to give your husband.

There are rules and regulations to relationships and marriages. The fact that you want to go to your boyfriend’s house to cook does not mean that it is right. He is not married to you. If you do wife duties for your boyfriend, the highest benefit is that he will marry you out of pity.”

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Many would argue that the statement that Blessing CEO made shows that women should not waste their time doing harsh duties and taking up responsibilities for men that would not be committed.


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