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Donald Trump Cried Out Again Over Electoral Fraud. See What He Just Said.


Yet the current president of the United States of America, Donald Trump is isn’t ready concede that he loses the huts concluded presidential election.
The Democrat party candidates, Joe Biden won the election with a wide margin which came to Donald Trump’s surprise.

It also came as surprise to some citizens who voted for Trump, as he loses the election to the opposition party despite the rallies he conducted and the way he served the United States during this tenure which ends soon.

Since the election counting has been concluded, some media declared Joe Biden the winner of the election as he garnered the most points in the electoral votes and legal votes, but Trump filed legal action against the election result.
Donald believes that the election fraud occurred while counting the votes, he also believes that some mail-in votes were received after the voting time expired.

Donald Trump has now moved online and cried out again on his Twitter handle and said that “Dominion voting system deleted about 2.7 million Trump votes nationwide while counting the votes.”
He also added that “Data analysis finds 221,000 Pennsylvania, votes switched from Trump to Biden votes and 941,000 Trump votes deleted.”
Trump also said that “the states that used Dominion Voting System switched 435,000 votes from Trump to Biden”

Do you agree that all this electoral fraud claimed by Trump, can be real? Can Trump win the election at Supreme Court?
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