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Donald Trump – “We Have Found Many Illegal Votes And We Will Appeal Court Decision

The US Presidential Election 2020 was indeed a tight race between Democrat Biden and President Trump of the Republican party, but which the final declaration saw Biden winning Trump with about 4 million votes.

This result has not sat well with President Trump since the counting process was already leaning towards him losing as Biden was gapping h massively in most state, and hence Trump has since then been alleging the votings to be rigged in those states.

But upon declaration, Trump still maintained his stand that the Election results were not acceptable as there has been massive Election fraud especially in states which saw him loosing to Biden like Pennsylvania, Atlanta, Wisconsin, Detroit etc.

He has taken the case to court and has continually asked for votes reconuts in those states, but with all this efforts, no tangible difference has been made, as nothing really has changed the Election declaration and Biden still remains the President Elect of the United States.

Trump still pushing forward with his claims and making his displeasure known from time to time about the result, he has taken to his Twitter once more to tell the American Populace that he has found out and has proof of vote manipulation in Wisconsin, and he will bring the case to court after the Wisconsin recount.

In the tweet, he said “”Wisconsin recount is not about finding mistakes in the count, it is about finding people who have voted illegally, and that case will be brought after the recount is over, on Monday or Tuesday. We have found many illegal votes. Stay tuned!”

Also, regarding the issue in Pennsylvania, he has made it known from his tweet that he is going to appeal. In the tweet, he said “The number of ballots that our Campaign is challenging in the Pennsylvania case is FAR LARGER than the 81,000 vote margin. It’s not even close. Fraud and illegality ARE a big part of the case. Documents being completed. We will appeal!”

He also showed his disappointment in some people in the United States alleging them that they don’t want to save the country. In this tweet, he said “Specific allegations were made, and we have massive proof, in the Pennsylvania case. Some people just don’t want to see it. They want nothing to do with saving our Country. Sad!!!”

Is President Trump right about all these election fraud?

What do you think will happen, will he leave the white house honourably or will be forced out??

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