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Donald Trump Trends After Joe Biden Fell 3 Times, See What People Said About Him

Former President of USA, Donald Trump was forced into the trend table of twitter after Joe Biden fell three times while climbing an Air force Plane. The US President fell three consecutive times and caused many people to worry about him. Though he stood up immediately after the fall, some people still feel all is not well and as such he needs to be checked. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

This Incidence has caused lot of controversies which sees Donald Trump been drawn into mixed discussion from his past experience, when he was walking slowly from a steep in order to avoid falling. Many people condemned Biden and felt he is been hypocritical as he once condemned Trump tripping while walking. Lot of reactions and lot of talks, and for you Readers, we have brought some of this contributions, so that you will see what people feel about Donald Trump’s case and that of Joe Biden.

See Reactions below.

Biden tripped 3 times running up the steps? How long did it take for his worshippers to bring up Trump?- @MrMichealBurkes


1) I hope Joe Biden did not suffer serious injuries in his repeated falls up the stairs to AF1.

2) What would have been the MSM reaction if President Trump had suffered the same misfortune?-@ Bosnerdly

Joe’s Jab at Trump didn’t age well. Neither has Joe.- @Govmikehuckabee

Stop being ableist about President Biden tripping. And yes I said the same thing when people did this shit to Trump. It’s unhelpful and dangerous rhetoric that harms disabled people, including me, a dude with Cerebral Palsy who trips over literally nothing every day of my life.-@the_tattoedjew

I can attest! I have been to many rallies and have watched President Trump get off and on planes and never saw him even stumble! He danced onto the plane ✈️ #AirForceOne-@Fiesty_FL

The thing about Biden tripping while running up the stairs to Air Force One is that Trump tripping while running the response to COVID should be a bigger story.-@Strandjunker

Shouldn’t Biden be in the ER getting a CT scan?

By the way, Trump beat Covid.-@Fiesty_FL

The big news today is that Biden tripped while going up some steps?

Ya. That’s definitely worth reporting.🙄

Seems to me the media has gotten lazy during the last 4 yrs. They’re used to the news/ jokes writing themselves under the Trump admin. Time to get back to work, losers.-ItsMrsRabbitToU

President Trump takes a sip of water. The media: “He had a stroke!”

President Biden falls going up the stairs. The media: “Happens to everyone.”-@Jim_Jordan

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