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“Don’t Allow Your Child To Wear This New Demonic Cloth” – Worried Mother Warns (Video)

As parents, we love to buy the best of everything for our loved ones and though we parent might not have enough money to acquire some of these good things of life, we still find a way and most times by denying ourselves some essential needs and wants. And as kids we can testify that our parents are doing the best they can to make us happy.

But as parents, do we know what we buy for our kids? Do we bother to check the manufacturers behind the clothes, the subliminal messages embedded in it?

Nowadays, we wear ‘cool’ and nice outfits with demonic symbols drawn on them, and we don’t even bother to know the meaning.

In a video, an agitated mother shares her experience and warns people on this new demonic and demonic cloth that her little girl could have worn.

In the video, the woman narrated how she bought a new cloth from a store that she admired for her little girl. However, on getting home she discovered something shocking about the cloth that would later blow her mind.

On the cloth she found the had designs relating to wizardry and witchcraft.

The main thing that worried me was that the cloth made a reference to the popular show ‘Harry Potter.’

This made the video more ominous and diabolical. It also had strange writings on it which was an initiation to the infamous school Harry Potter attended.

Watch the video by clicking on the link below.


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