Don’t Ask A Girl These 2 Questions No Matter How You Care To Know About Her.

Asking questions is one of the best ways to clear your doubt, or know about a girl if you like her. But questions like the ones below, are not good questions to ask a girl if you want a response or don’t want to create a bad impression.

(1). Asking a girl questions like the number of guys she has dated before, it’s a turnoff to so many girls. No girl would be glad to talk about something that might bring an insult to her later. So, don’t ask such questions, except she tells you herself.

(2). Questions like, can you tell me about your ex? This is not the type of question to know about a girl. It will only remind her of things she might be trying to leave behind if she had a terrible experience in her past relationship. If you’re asking because you want to settle them, fine. But if she’s a girl you have a crush on, don’t ask such a question.

If a guy asks a girl a good question and in the right way, it will be easier for him to know about her. But if the questions are unnecessary, that’s when it will be difficult for the girl to respond or give him attention.

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