I Don’t What Biafra Of Land, South East Can Be The Richest Part Of Nigeria If We Work Hard – Abaribe

Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe of the Abia South Senatorial Zone has stated that he does not want Biafra to be stripped of its territory, and that people of diverse ethnic groups can develop their places at their own speed while being content in an unified Nigeria. He stated this while speaking as the keynote speaker at the Nigerian Bar Association’ s Awka branch’ s Bar Week.

Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe:


Senator Abaribe slammed the attack on security personnel and the torching of police stations in the South- East, calling it ” barbaric. ”

Senator Abaribe spoke about the country’ s reform. He claimed that anytime the question of restructuring was brought up in the National Assembly, some of his northern colleagues would ask him if Biafra was not for them. He stated that while he desires Biafra, he does not desire Biafra of the land. Instead, he desires Biafra of the mind. He believes that in a well- restructured Nigeria, everyone can develop their own region. He went on to say that if the people of the South- East work hard, they can make Nigeria’ s richest region.


He denounced the violence that has erupted in some regions of the country, saying that he does not believe anything can be gained via anarchy and that it is better for everyone to work together to make the country a better place to live in than the bloodshed that occurs on a daily basis.

While many people believe that the country needs to be restructured, he believes that the fundamental causes of our problems in Nigeria are unfairness and the government’ s incapacity to manage our diversity as a country.

When the idea of restructuring is brought up, he says, some people who oppose it jokingly ask what restructuring means, even going so far as to question if restructuring meant breaking the country into bits. Those who pose such issues, he claims, do not have Nigeria’ s best interests at heart, because the country’ s current state cannot be sustained. He stated that something must be done constitutionally to address the country’ s difficulties, and that something should be done to change the Constitution to solve the current concerns.

The topic of restructuring has gained traction in recent weeks, as many people have urged for it, claiming that restructuring the country is the best approach to resolve Nigeria’ s problems.

When the topic of restructuring is raised, some people believe it means the country would be divided, according to Abaribe. He stated that though each region can develop at its own pace, the country as a whole can stay one and united.

He also stated that he believes the South- East may become the richest region of the country if the people work hard, and that he does not support a Biafra that entails Nigeria’ s secession.

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