Don’t Blast Ahmed Musa For Returning To Kano Pillars, See 2 Reasons It Might Benefit Nigeria.

It’s been a thing of joy for Nigerian football in general as Kano Pillars announce the return of Ahmed Musa for the reminder of the 2020/2021 Nigeria Professional Football League season.

This is one of the most unanticipated moves in modern football especially in Africa where we rarely see players return to play for their local clubs after spending years in foreign leagues. Ahmed Musa is a superstar and has had time playing in top European leagues before his move to Saudi Arabia.

Some people have been calling the move a bad one and tagging the superstar a failure as they believed he shouldn’t have come back or should have waited a little bit for a better offer from European clubs.

What some people don’t know is that the agreement will allow him leave for any club if the offer comes meaning this could just be a platform for him to keep himself engaged doing what he loves best.


Here are two things which will possibly be affected by Ahmed Musa’s big move to Kano Pillars;

  1. He is coming back as a former player to the club where he last played in 2009 and this act will normalise the act of returning back to one’s home league irrespective of the number of years spent on foreign turf.

Players like Ronaldinho and Tevez who are world stars went back to their respective national leagues to enjoy some moments playing in front of their home fans. Current stars like Messi and Ronaldo have also said they look forward to play one more time in Argentina and Lisbon respectively when they are approaching thir final years.

Ahmed Musa coming back to play at Kano pillars should be lauded as other Nigerian footballers might feel comfortable when they do it of they approach their final years.

  1. The publicity and brand awareness of the Nigeria Professional Football League is bound to be wider since Ahmed Musa still has fans in foreign countries including Saudi Arabia.

A player of his calibre will attract fans weekly to the stadiums irrespective of the price tag for the tickets. Whenever Kano Pillars also travel for away games, the opposition could also benefit from tickets surge as they will also like to have a player like him feature in a match.

He might not be the best of players out there but no one can deny the publicity he has amassed over his time in Europe. The league could also get sponsors and more coverage due to his presence just the same way Ronaldo was one of the factors which prompted ‘DSTV’ to return the Italian ‘Serie A’ to its list of leagues to be aired.

Nigerians should appreciate their own and be thankful that a player as respected as Musa has given it a thought of playing in front of Nigerian fans on a weekly basis after a long time.

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