“Don’t Bother Shooting Your Shot, I’m Bullet Proof”- Pretty Lady Says (Photos)

Some men have a belief that there’s no woman they can not shoot their shot at in other to be in a relationship with her or have a fling. It takes so much self love and confidence to be able to have a mentality like that.

Even though there is no certainty that the lady will agree, the fact that he has the courage and confidence to go shoot his shot is really commendable. Why I said courage is because, it is not an easy thing to just walk up to any lady and try and woo her. I have met men who tremble at just the suggestion of shooting their shots at ladies they have massive crush on.

How about the ladies ? Some of them are so proud of themselves that they believe they can turn down any man. It isn’t really pride to be honest, it is more of a self confidence thing. Knowing how beautiful and gorgeous they are, some women are like bullet proofs to any shot any man has to shoot.

Shani Jamila, one of the very popular black beauties on social media who constantly upload her pictures on twitter has taken to her account to send a warning to men, telling them to not bother shooting their shots because she’s bulletproof.

See Pictures Of The Beautiful Shani Jamila

After Shani posted what she did, she got men talking. Many felt they have what it takes to make a woman like her catch their shot.


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