We Don’t Care About Your Preaching, We Live Our Lives as We Want – African Teens

African teens are not taking it likely, the hardship and bad economy has made some of them turn to drugs, prostitution and illicit livelihood.

Just recently we brought you story of South Africa going into recession, and also Nigeria might be the next with the falling price of crude oil which happens to be her main source of revenue.

A photo shared on Facebook captures some African teens smoking kush and doing drugs. If you look closely at this picture, you’ll notice a little bottle on the floor that looks like a cough syrup.

This has become the trending method people use in getting high.

The photo which was share on Facebook was tag:

We Don’t Care About Your Preaching,

We Live Our Lives as We Want

Do you wish to join us and enjoy life?

We couldn’t confirm the country or location this photo was taken, but we’ll do more diggings and bring you updates.

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