Don’t Date Her If You Notice Any Of These Sign, Especially Number 6 And 9




Dating is one of the most thrilling activities that people (both men and women) participate in. It’s a process: a boy sees a girl from afar or learns about her from someone/an experience and wants to be more than friends with her because we all realize there are lines you can’t cross with a friend.

He enters the chasing/wooing process, which may take the form of texting, talking on the phone, or meeting one-on-one; the options are endless. Many guys must determine at this point whether they want to pursue their date plans with the lady and ask her out, or sever all contact with her. He might learn something that would either inspire or deter him from pursuing his goal by engaging with her.

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Now, there are certain obvious signals that can cause a man to reconsider his position if he sees them in a woman. Here are a few examples:

She’s still thinking up her ex-boyfriend.

Guys, this is a no-brainer case. When a woman thinks to her boyfriend, whether in a constructive or derogatory manner, it’s a big red flag that she isn’t over him. She’ll almost certainly return to him, and you’ll be the one who got away.

  1. You can’t keep her satisfied.

This is a risky situation. You do something nice for her, but she doesn’t seem to like it or appreciate the work you put in to make it happen. It’s quite likely that she’s dissatisfied and nags about it. The mentality is discouraging, and you can stop beginning a relationship with her.

  1. She possesses gold digger characteristics.

I’m sure you get what I’m talking about. She’s just with you because you’re wealthy. These ladies are popping up all over the place these days. They are often dressed in extravagant clothes and use high-end devices that are out of proportion to their profits. In most cases, they have little to give you in terms of a friendship. This form should be avoided because she can trap and drain you.

  1. She has a bad sense of style.

Wouldn’t you want to go out with a lady who oozes and radiates class and good taste as a guy? I’m sure you do, and she’d automatically raise your standing and make you happy. It doesn’t matter how lovely a lady is if her choice in food, clothing, or other items is terrible.

  1. Drama is her middle word.

I don’t say it in the actual sense. In this scenario, I’m referring to her responses to different circumstances. She is unnecessarily theatrical and making a huge deal out of the tiniest specifics in order to draw publicity and show that she cares – an act that is always orchestrated, naive, and childish. This person would make a fool of you without guilt and then blame it on you. This form should not be dated.

  1. She seems to be overly easy.

The reality is that even though he is a sweet talker, men like the excitement of chasing after a lady they fancy. You can be wary with her if she seems to be overly easygoing, as this also indicates that she has had many experiences with men and is unable to tell no. She is always sloppy and loses self-respect. You don’t want a kid like that.

  1. She consumes a lot of alcohol.

This form is identical to the previous one in that it loses self-control and reverence. A woman who drinks excessively is not a good choice because she gives off the impression of being unruly and inexperienced.

  1. Her mouth has a foul odor (bad breath)

Both male and female grooming are highly essential. A woman who can’t raise her mouth to chat without having you cover your nose in shame is a big red flag that she may be feeling the same amount of filthiness in other areas of her body.

9.She is a clingy person.

This form would call you every hour to inquire about your whereabouts. She’ll think you’re with another lady if you don’t react to her post within seconds. She needs to be with you all of the time, leaving you with little time or energy to do the stuff you really need to do. Please remain away from her at all times.

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