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Don’t Be Deceived! The ESN Can Not Withstand The Might Of The Nigerian Army (Opinion)

Very recently, the Nigerian Army stormed Orlu on a mission to dislodge the strongholds of the Eastern Security Network(ESN), as the security network does not have the government’s approval.

The Nigerian Army’s operation was met with mixed reactions, as some civilians died from stray bullets and some Nigerians have been hailing the activities of the ESN.

In my opinion, the Eastern Security Network(ESN) is no match for the Nigerian Army both in technicality and in possession of war machinery.
It is important to note that the Nigerian Army has been there for several decades and they may simply be trying to play easy on the Eastern Security Network(ESN), so as to avoid the death of more civilians.

As at press time, a military helicopter has been reportedly hovering around the forests in Orlu, in search of the men of the Eastern Security Network(ESN) and I doubt that the ESN has a helicopter to their name.

I advice Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the men of the ESN to give up on this rebellious move, as the Federal Government may decide to go all in against them and anyone caught supporting this unlawful association would face the full might of the Nigerian Law.

Dear Nigerians, what is your take on this delicate issue of national concern?


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