Don’t Force Yourself On Any Girl. Do These 6 Things If She Turns You Down.

A time comes in the life of a man where the attraction to the opposite gender can be so overwhelming with little or no self control. People fall in love more often these days than before, and the ideas of relationships have evolved with time as the presence of social media has made it possible for one to just start developing feelings for someone over the screen of your phone.

Though relationship might seem to be an interesting thing, one thing is usually very common; Rejection. Men fear to be rejected more than women do and that’s because the female gender are known to be very picky. For a guy out there, you must have encountered rejection or the person you liked didn’t like you back, yet it is a normal thing.

In this article, we will discuss what a guy should do if he gets turned down by a girl for whatever reason.

Here are the six things you should do instead of hating on her or crying over the rejection.

1. Work on yourself.

Most times, girls don’t reject you because they don’t like you in person but something about you that she doesn’t seem to agree with. It is either to your current financial situation, your poor dress sense or your lack of confidence that might just be a turn off. When you realize this, the best answer to such rejection is to work on yourself, as a girl might keep on rejecting you if you keep yourself in the same situation. Whatever you’ve lacked that is affecting your social life, you need to work on it and improve yourself.

  1. Get a job.

You can’t necessarily blame girls for rejecting you if you’re jobless. Come to think of it, do you really like your situation when jobless? I guess not! When you have a job or anything that gives you income steadily, you will not only be satisfied with your self, but it would give you a sense of responsibility. Instead of hurting over a rejection, take advantage of it and work yourself.

  1. Find a passion.

Life is way more than looking for love as there are so many other beautiful things to enjoy. Do you know why girls crush on musicians, actors, footballers and other highly influencial people? It is not necessarily because of their money or fame, but because of what they have what they do that takes the most of their time. They don’t have the time to chase after women as an average guy would because they have something more to do with their time, and girls usually love it when a guy has something better to do with their lives.

  1. Take care of yourself.

You have to realise that if you are not comfortable with yourself, then no one else will. If you don’t take care of yourself, no one else will take care of you as people will treat you the way you treat yourself. Take yourself out for treats, have fun, visit the gym and workout to improve your physique, meet new people and enjoy life.

  1. Develop a sense of humor.

Funny guys are very charming and it is quite understandable. People love being around happy and cheerful people as it is believed that happiness can be contagious. When you start enjoying life and start having good times with people around you, it will make any girl to want to have your attention as many girls would naturally flock around you. Having a sense of humour doesn’t mean you have to be a comedian actually, but it means you have to be all natural with yourself and not being too serious always.

  1. Don’t show your feelings too often.

There are some people that have the habit of looking very grumpy whenever something goes wrong in their relationship. They would indicate with their faces and behaviours that they’re heartbroken. You shouldn’t wear negative expressions on your face all the time because it will only bring out negative impression of you which is something I know you don’t want. Always learn to stay happy and positive in every situation because the truth is, nobody really cares what you’re going through but happiness is always noticed.

In summary, there’s more to life than love. Falling in love is a great thing but living your life is greater. Appreciate yourself today!

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