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Don’t Give your Body To Men, This Is What I Do To Put Food On My Table – Nigerian Lady

Blessing James is from Akwa Ibom state but manages a car wash business in Awka, Anambra State. The young lady in her 20s says she enjoys her work because it puts food on her table.

According to her “I taught the boys working with me how to wash cars but I take care of the engines because they are technical.

She also has a message for ladies who think some jobs are for men.

Here are some comment from Facebook users

@Nduka…..”Nice and interesting one. I like patronised this people. They care be very hard working and reliable. My mechanic in lagos is a girl of about 27 years.. Anytime I want to come home, I will call her to my house and pick the car for servicing, and inform her that I will be coming home. Believe me she will work on the car perfectly without any issue”.

@Chineye…..”What actually made Nigerian guys especially igbo guys to think that it is when u are suffering that will show that u are a hardworking lady. Many ladies here have their own legitimate means of getting money and does not require does awkward jobs like this. Washing car is a good job I have done that b4 but please every body must not do these kind of hard work to get income especially the ladies bikonu.”

Whats your thoughts on this ?

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