I Don’t Why God Didn’t Create Me Without A Man, Please I Need A Husband Seriously

Who Needs A Wife, I Don’t Want To Be Single This Year She Says

The year 2021 is still in its early beginnings but some people are already planning forward, wether it is business plans, their education and even relationships. Noone like being alone all the time, some people find it hard to stay in a relationship for a long term so they suffer with being single and lonely. Like this lady who posted on Twitter seeking any man who needs a wife because in this year 2021 she does not want to be single anymore. Marriage means you are never alone, you have a partner and eventually kids will come along.

People on Twitter were quick to ask her how in the world can she be single how she looks. Other people were asked her what she will bring to the table because there is more to marriage than her big behind, she must be ready to being something else. One person even wrote her a poem and called her a fruit and a tree at the same time, he is willing to be her candidate it seems. One lady lamented that if she were to marry her brother he will probably suffocated because she is too much. One of the most funniest comments was that if a guy who said if you marry her she will block the network with her big backside. So would you be willing to marry this lady and save her from her misery?


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