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Don’t Look For A Job In 2021, These Are What You Should Do To Make Money – Reno Omokri

One of the attributes of every successful person is that they never stop learning, we learn to gain more knowledge, learning exposed us to many things. Reno Omokri has took to the internet to motivate his fans, this time around, he warned everyone not to look for a job in 2021 and explained what we should do instead to make money for ourselves.

Reno Omokri is an America-base Nigerian politician, he’s an author, an human right activist and a motivator. He’s an intelligent man who love to share his knowledge with other people.

This time he talked about how one can make money for oneself without looking for a job. Here’s what he said.

“In 2021, don’t just look for a job, look for a skill.

Jobs find those who find skills. Employers don’t care if you are broke, they care that you are skilled. Even if you don’t get a job, at least learn to sell, if you can sell, you will smell money”.

He further buttress his point by talking to graduates out there who think it’s a must for them to get a white collar job because of their degree.

Here’s what he said below.

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