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Don’t Panic When Scorpion Stings You, Checkout What To Do Instead




Scorpion is one of the most feared poisonous and venomous creature. Most people, including me dread having encounter with this creature. Even me that is writing, I can’t even stand the sight of it, talk more of stinging me or even having contact with it. However, much as these animal is dangerous, you don’t need to Panic it stings you.

As already stated, you don’t need to panic when this creature stings you, because there’s a way out. In fact, neutralizing it’s venom is just like breeze. It will actually sound incredible when I unveil the easy steps of neutralizing them. Just sit back and take breeze while we inform and educate you how you can free yourself from the dangerous venom.

In this journey, we will be starting with how to neutralize scorpion venom. I will also post how to neutralize Snake venom later. However, know you that these methods have worked perfectly in my presence, it’s not a near say, but per adventure you followed these methods judiciously and the pain persisted, don’t hesitate to go see a doctor.
How To Neutralize Scorpion Venom





  1. The first thing you should do when stung by Scorpion is to look for the nearest tree. When you get there, just kick the tree multiple times, may be 10 times. However, you must not mention it is anybody that you were stung by anything before performing the magic.

I know this sounds very ridiculous to a fault, but I had to believe this action that sounds superstition on January 2, 2021. Even me that sees things like that as a fairy tales. My mom had insisted we must harvest her yams, because we were already planning to move back to base after the new year celebration.

As we were in the farm, the creature stung my sister in-law, she had known this thing before then. When she screamed we all rushed to help her. She ignored us, instead, looked around and started running towards a tree. We even thought she had gone nut. We all suspended all we were doing and chased after her.

She got to the tree and started kicking it. I still taught she was being driven by madness, and we wanted to hold her down so that nobody would know about it. You know the damage it would do the the Reputation of the family. Before we got there, she had stopped kicking the tree and was telling the husband to go back to the place she was and search for a scorpion. She finally announced she was stung by a scorpion.

I nearly laughed out loud, if not for the fact that the atmosphere was tensed. I was like, “let’s get handkerchief and bound up her upper leg to prevent the venom from climbing to her belly.” She said it doesn’t matter. As we searched for the scorpion, I was saying within myself that this woman her succeeded in fooling us, “April fool” in January. She has probably not seen any Scorpion, not to talk of stinging her.

After about three minutes of searching, my younger brother found it under the hip of yams. It was only then I believed her. Another reason why I believed her was the sweaty look of that region it had deposited it’s poison. That’s how to identify the exact point, that is how to identify the exact point it stung you.

The bottom line is that she was never ruffled any and I really marvelled at the magic. As she lecture us about the efficacy of the remedy, everyone of us including her husband marvelled. She said she has seen it work over and over. Try it and see.

  1. If you think that method doesn’t make sense to you, this is another tested and trusted method you could try.

I. Just get a sizeable bulb of onions.

ii. Get a very sharp razor blade, preferably brand new one and cut the exact point where the creature deposited it’s venom.

iii. As it is dripping blood, rub some part of the onion on it until it gets deep into the cut.

iv. Note, before you rub it in the cut, eat a very large chunk of the vegetable. The pain may not stop immediately, but you are sure to get better soon.

  1. The third method is the use of black stone. Blackstone is a substance, believed to be found in Israel alone. It is an anti poison substance. Use a new razor blade like you did in method above. While it is dripping blood, place a piece of the stone on the cut. It will naturally get stick to the cut, if there’s a trace of poison.

Leave it their as it would gradually suck up the poison and not until it finishes neutralizing the poison, it will not fall off. This is a sure bet, and when it falls off get some evaporated milk in a cup and drop the stone in it for sometimes, like 15 minutes, then remove and keep for future use.

Please note that these methods I mentioned, I have witnessed them work effectively. It’s not a story someone told me, rather it’s an eyewitness account from me. However if you follow these steps religiously and its pains did subside, don’t hesitate to visit a doctor..

Please if these eye opening venom neutralization method helped, kindly go to the comment and review the article. You should also share it to friends and family because you can save yourself and someone that stress and pain. Like and follow us to know when we will publish snake venom neutralizing methods. Bye for now.

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