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Don’t Preach On My Profile, It Is Not A Church – Angela

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Yes, it is true that, the gospel of Jesus Christ is meant for those who are perceived to be unbelievers. Even Jesus Christ himself says this in his days on earth that, he only came for those who are not righteous, and not for the righteous ones. Upon this statement, a lot of preachers have taken the gospel to those who are really in need of it.

However, owners of cheeks should be asked before hitting him/her with a slap. If you still don’t get the message through the idiomatic expression, note that, permission should be sought from people before preaching to them. There is a saying that, when a right thing is done at the wrong time or using the wrong method, the value of that good thing become adulterated.

To that end, preaching of the gospel should also be done through the proper channels. This is because, when you force it on anyone, he or she might not only reject it, but equally sees you and the religion from a bad perspective. When this happened, the aim of the good-news is defeated.

Moment ago, Angela Nwosu took to her Facebook page where she warned those who are still preaching on her Facebook page to stop. According to her, her Facebook page is not a church. From what she says, she had been issuing warnings to her followers not to preach to her Facebook page.

Don’t do to me what I cannot do to you, she said. See the Facebook post that appears like a warning from the lady below:

Recall that, Angel Nwos who referred to herself as Digital Ogbanje, and River goddess is one of the few persons in the country that still believe in traditional religious. Whoever that is following her on social media should know that, she has chosen her own means of worshiping her God.

In Nigeria, there is freedom of association, and religion. People are allowed to practice whatever they believe will work for them. If Angela believed in traditional religious, and says she doesn’t want to be preached to, why disturbing her. God have the ability to call her to himself if he so wished.

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