Don’t Say “I’m Sorry” When You Hurt Someone, Say This Instead And More Corrections

There are times when we make mistakes while using English words that we are unaware of; as a result we end up making silent mistakes.

So this post is going to be for enlightenment purposes as you will get to know some words we use wrongly without been aware that we are.
Below are 9 words we use wrongly without been aware of our mistakes and the correct usage;

  1. Most times we use”I could care less” whereas the right words to use is”I couldn’t care less”

  2. Most times we also use”Do diligence” it’s wrong the right words to use is “Due Dilligence”

  3. It’s wrong to say “By in large” way “By and large”

  4. It’s wrong to say “Make due”the right one would be “Make do”

  5. It’s totally wrong to use “First come, first serve” instead say “First come, First served”

  6. Don’t use “Escape Goat” use “Scapegoat”

  7. You are not “Bitting your time”as you would call it, it’s “Bidding your time”

  8. It’s not “Hunger Pains”it’s “Hunger pangs”

  9. It’s more professional to say “My Apologies” than “I’m sorry”

That’s all, I hope you learnt something new today… Share an follow this handle for more updates..


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