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“Don’t Wait For Me To Fight Fulani Herdsmen, Defend Yourselves” – President Buhari Tells Governors

The rising cases of attacks by Fulani Herdsmen had created security tensions in most parts of the Southern part of the country and the middle belt region. The parts of Nigeria affected the most by the attactks by Fulani Herdsmen are the South West zone and Benue State In the North Central region; the attacks had made people to pressure the Nigerian federal government to act in order to end the killings of people by herdsmen.

The Federal government which holds the highest authority in the country had been called upon to help in putting an end to the security issues because it controls all the security agencies in the country.


Due to the pressure mounted on the Federal government, President Buhari had told Nigerian Governors affected by the Attacks to defend themselves and stop depending on him to fight the Fulani Herdsmen. Reports from Sahara reporters revealed that the President Made this speech during an open interview with Arise Television and the President revealed that the recent attacks in the South West made 2 Governors to visit him in order to provide assistance to the security threats in their States.

The President urged the Governors to take action to the end the issue because they are closer to the States affected by the Crisis and the federal government cannot do everything for them.

See how people reacted to the President’s declaration.


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