I Don’t Want To Cause Any Confusion But I Really Need A Strong Physical Man I Hate weak Man

Stronger Men are best as they are able to produce for us as Women.

I don’t really love Money buy I want a hustler not a lazy Man who will Just stay at home do nothing as we suffer.

I have so much respect yes but I don’t want to be pushed to the limit, hunger is what I don’t want.

This doesn’t mean I brag or Anything but as you can see for your self I’m well build. All Men are always stopping me on the road because they want to talk to me about love.

I have the type of Men I love not every Man can win my heart. Now I’m single because I really hate to be hurt by someone with no planned future.

I’d rather fuck for Money than be someone’s play ground. Those other ladies out there who fuck 7 seven men a day aren’t stupid they are really trying to make a living.

TO all you girls I’m saying stop been fooled and played by this heartless people. When seeing that he’s not yet ready to be a real man stay the he’ll out of his life.

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