If you Don’t Want to Die, Never Do these 3 Things When Using a Gas Cooker

Gas Cooker is one of the rampant things mainly used in today’s society. Many Nigerian homes make use of gas cookers. This is because of the numerous benefits that accompany it. It is more cleaner that other sources of cooking like firewood and stove. But in this world, every thing that has a benefit has a disadvantage if not handled properly. So in this article, I want to show you, 4 things you must never do when using a gas cooker.


  1. Don’t use you Phone near a gas cooker

It is not good at all to use your phone near a gas cooker. It is one of the major causes while gas cookers explode in most homes. It is believed that the tiny sparkles from your phone can be able to ignite a gas cooker and cause explosion.

  1. Don’t ever turn on your gas before igniting your match stick

It is wrong to keep your gas cooker on before igniting your match stick, it can causes explosion. It is best you ignite your match stick before you turn on your gas cooker. This is because gas is highly inflammable.READ FULL ARTICLES HERE

  1. Don’t ever eat a food burnt by gas cooker

If your food gets burnt during the process of cooking it, don’t eat it, it is very bad for your health. According to research, foods that are burnt are linked to cancer and food poisoning. So if you eat a burnt food from a gas cooker, there is a high risk that you may develop cancerous cells.READ FULL ARTICLES HERE

  1. If you perceive any smell of gas in your kitchen, do not use any applicance that can ignite any spark.

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