If You Don’t Want to Suffer Stroke, Reduce Consumption Of These 3 Things

Are you aware that there are certain foods we consume that actually impact on our health? This is the singular reason why doctors advise that we stay away from certain foods and also embrace certain foods because, as one matures i.e. grow older, his or her body grows weaker and becomes more susceptible to chronic health problems.

In this article, we are going to have a look at the few things you should consider cutting down on if you don’t want to suffer stroke. I believe most of us know what stroke is but for the purpose of this article, we will also look at the few facts about Stroke and then divert to the main aim of writing the article.

Stroke is a terrible health condition that arises when there is a blockage in the veins thus obstructing easy flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. It usually hits suddenly but in some rare cases, Stroke can actually be caused by certain Lifestyle factors and consuming things inappropriate for your health.

Below are some of the things you shouldn’t consume Excessively if you don’t want to suffer Stroke;

  1. Cakes and Donuts; sweet edibles like Cakes, donuts, fries, pie etc are common amongst all age groups but not appropriate for all. If you have grown a little older, then you should be careful while consuming such things as they increase the LDL (Bad cholesterol in the blood). This bad cholesterol can block or obstruct blood flow to the brain.

  2. Salty Foods; if you have grown a little in age, then it’s inappropriate and unsafe to consume any food that contains much salt. Reason being that high sodium intake can make the body retain water which in turn leads to blood pressure issues and ultimately increases your chances of having a stroke.

  3. Red Meat: eating steaks, sausages and other red meats Excessively can be dangerous to your health. This is because saturated fats are always present in such meats and this fat has a high chance of blocking the arteries that carry blood to the brain thus exposing one to an ischemic stroke.

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