Don’t Waste Money To Buy Data, Here Is How You Can Browse Free With Your Cable Decoder (Photos)

Satellite TV utilize what is called Broadband Network, which means the transfer speed of the association is Split to at the same time convey Huge Signals at various frequencies, for information organizing (Internet access) purposes.

That implies you can change over your multi television, DSTV, solid, and so forth decoder to a modem to get to the Internet. You can likewise associate your workstations and work areas to use the Internet at a speed somewhere in the range of 6mbps and 8Mbps, more than multiple times which is much better than any Dial up Connection e.g. MTN, Airtel and others.


Before you can be associated with the Internet Free of Charge however any of DSTV, multi, strong and so forth You need the Material underneath,

1. A Decoder

2. You need a Link Modem.

3. A Splitter.

4. Cable (Coaxial Cable)

5. A RJ 45 Internet Cable.

In the wake of Getting these Materials, Then you are Ready to Browse Free Using your Decoder!


This is the Most Significant Step, Pls You should Follow it Carefully and I trust it will work for everyone lets begin.

1. From the Coaxial port, Interface the Coaxial Cable at the rear of the PC to the Splitter.

2. From the opposite side of the splitter, Interface another Coaxial Cable to the Coaxial Port at the rear of Cable Modem.

3. Interface one finish of the Rj-45 Cable to the jack of the Cable Modem and the opposite finish of the link to the Ethernet port of your Laptop or your Desktop PC.

4. Now You should turn on your Decoder and furthermore turn on your Cable Modem.

That is All, Is that not Simple? I realize you Understand all of it, Now let’s Proceed to the

Browser Configuration Stage.

Presently we are 95% done, Just Configure your Browser with the Below IP and Port and you can Start Surfing the Internet at a Unimaginable Speed of 8mbps for Free.

Now Open your Mozilla or some other Browser and arrange with this:

IP Address:

PORT: 8080 or on the other hand select Auto Detect Proxy and you are Ready to Browse.

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