Double Dating And Why You Shouldn’t Take The Risk

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The show ‘Bigg Boss’ has always managed to get people’s attention and now a new video from Bigg Boss 14 has circulated over the Internet. In this video, TV actress Pavitra Punia is seen revealing that she dated two guys at the same time back in the days.

This brought us to talk about how there are so many people out there who’ve indulged in double dating. But clearly they spell trouble! Here are some of the biggest disadvantages of double dating:

1. Waste of resources

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Double dating isn’t going to be easy as you are going to have to manage two people- taking them out, pampering them with gifts and all that jazz. This would even get worse if both of your partners are high maintenance. You wouldn’t want to spend that kind of money, would you?

2. You’re hurting two people at the same time

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No matter how much you try to hide your unfaithfulness, you are going to get caught one day. Your partner is not going to find it funny and no, they are not going to be open to such a behaviour. It could get worse when they’d want to punish you for your wrongdoings because you hurt their feelings.

3. It is unhealthy

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It is always advised that when one is having sex, they should practice safe sex by staying faithful to one partner. When you double date, you are risking not just your health but also the lives of two other two people.

4. It’s risky

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When you are double dating, you are basically taking a lot of risks and being a very creative liar. But you are forgetting that some time or the other, you are going to forget about the lie and it’s going to create havoc in your relationships. You’re also risking explaining your whereabouts to both your partners. All in all, it’s a huge risk that you’re never going to be able to cope with.

5. It’s a waste of time

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When you’re double dating, you won’t have time to do a lot of things for yourself because you’re always running around to spend time with both your partners. Jumping from one partner to the other is going to eventually make you feel exhausted.

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