Drama As 3 Suspects Were Arrested After Dangerous Explosives Were Found In Their Possession


Punch News reports that the operatives of Akwa Ibom Police Command have succeeded in apprehending a total of three suspects who were found in possession of series of dangerous explosives and were also accused of being in connection with militancy in the State. It was also reported that the Public Relations Officer of the State Police Command, Odiko Macdon, confirmed the suspect’ s arrest while he was holding a meeting with the newsmen.


According to the reports of the Public Relations Officer, the correspondents of Punch Newspaper were able to gather that two of the suspects were said to be from Cameroon while the third one is a Nigerian. It was also learned that the suspects were arrested during a stop and search operation that was carried out by the operatives of the State Police Command along Okobo/Oron highway.

Narrating how the suspects were apprehended, one of the officers at the scene who spoke to the newsmen under the condition of anonymity said; ” We were carrying out the stop and search operation when we spotted the suspect’ s vehicle, upon sighting the car, we noticed the suspicious disposition of the driver as well as the passengers, this was why we immediately flagged them down and conducted a search on them” .


The Public Relations Officer said that after the operatives concluded the search on the suspects, two bags containing dynamites, a transparent plastic bag containing incense powder, and a bag containing some items that were suspected to be talismans, were found in the possession of the suspects. They were immediately arrested and taken into custody for questioning.


While the suspects were in the custody of the police, they were said to have been interrogated after which they confessed that the items that were recovered from them were meant to be used in an attack that was planned to be carried out on a police station in the State.


Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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