Drama As Customer Refuses To Pay 20k Hotel Bill

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A Nairobi based celebrity treated customers and staff of a hotel to drama after failing to clear his KSh 20k bill. He had invited his six friends to a 3-star privately- owned hotel for a celebration and ordered lots of food and drinks.
The man, a famous musician especially among Nairobians was celebrating the release of his fifth album and therefore invited friends for a mini party in the hotel to celebrate the milestone.
The celebrity promised his friends he would pay the bill and told them to order everything they wanted. “You guys, we are celebrating my fifth album and let’s turn this place up and
celebrate,” he said.
They all danced, ate and even drank and when the bill was brought to him, he was shocked. Apparently, he only had KSh 5,000 in his pocket since he did not expect the bill to escalate to four times the money he had.
He asked his friends to help him raise the bill and the six of them left one by one. The waitress came to him asking for the payment and the celebrity asked her to wait as he was preparing his cheque book. She did not know she was being duped by the singer who was plotting a way to leave the hotel without being noticed.
He managed to escape after pretending to be picking a phone call. The hotel noted his absence five minutes later and asked the security guards to look for him but he had already fled.
The next day, the hotel owner who was also the manger was so furious of the customer, she called him and asked him to pay the bill since the hotel was already counting loses. The musician declined to pay and talked rudely to the manager telling her he was a famous person who would survive even court cases if she reported him to the police.
The hotel owner knew she had to do something because if she failed to get the money paid she would experience great setback in her business. She convened a meeting with her staff and asked for ideas on how to deal with the rude musician who failed to pay his bill of KSh 20k.

Most of them were suggesting reporting the matter to the authorities but she knew that the celebrity had contacts with the police and he would therefore be off the hook with no time.
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The doctor assured the hotel owner that he would ensure that the bill would be paid to the last coin and within less than 24 hours. The manager was so excited and could not wait to see the rude celebrity bring back the cash.
At 8 o’clock in the morning the next day, one of the waiters called the manager as the celebrity had come crying holding the 20k in his hands. He pleaded for forgiveness from the manager for being rude and failing to pay. The manager could not believe her eyes and was so elated that she immediately called Doctor Mugwenu and thanked him for his help.
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