Drama As Goat Gives Birth To ‘Half Pig, Half Human’ Animal

A family in the Philippines were shocked after their goat gave birth to an unusual-looking animal, which some have said looks ‘half-human, half-pig’.

The farmer, Josephine Repique, 40, was shocked to see what the goat had given birt to in her small farm in Sultan Kudarat.

The farmer called in a vet who performed a caesarian section and removed one healthy kid – however, the other one was pulled out to gasps of surprise.

The little fella was born without fur and seems to have shiny, pale skin with trotters and what appears to be a belly button. It is much bigger than its litter-mate.


Repique said the animal ‘looked like a pig with a mix of human’.

She added: “We were shocked. We can’t explain how it looks like that. All our neighbours flocked into our house to get a good look.”

Sadly, shortly after giving birth the mother and both babies died, prompting fears among some villagers that it was ‘a cursed mutant devil’.

“Nobody knows what it is,” Repique said. “But it’s not a goat. It’s scary. We’re all wondering why it happened and if it is bad luck.”

However, a look from an expert revealed that the goat had some sort of genetic mutation while in the womb.

Dr Agapita Salces of the Institute of Animal Science of the University of the Philippines added: “It is a possible case of genetic mutation. It is also possible that the mother contracted a disease called Rift Valley fever from mosquito bites and this caused the impaired development of the infant.”

Although rare, such mutations as this aren’t unheard of.

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