Drama As Lady Says Pastor Told 28-Year-Old Lady To Undress In His Presence During Deliverance

A lady known as Becky Francis on Twitter has revealed that a pastor asked a lady to undress and change into another dress in his presence while the 28-year-old went to meet him for deliverance.

Some men of God have committed several attrocities using the name of God. Some have allegedly committed crimes right in the altar.

Even though some of these men of God are considered as good examples for Christians, they end up doing one bad thing or the other that gets people discouraged about God.

For instance, a lady on Twitter has revealed that a pastor allegedly asked a lady who went to him for deliverance prayers to undress and change into another gown right in his presence.

According to the tweet, the unidentified pastor organized a 3 day prayer for a female member of his church. He instructed the lady who is 28 years old to bring another dress to the deliverance session.

But shockingly as the deliverance was going on, the pastor asked the lady to undress and change into the extra dress right in front of him.

While reacting to the story, most people have expressed worries in the manner at which pastors are going about their jobs, with some pointing out that it is no longer safe for ladies to go for deliverance alone.


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