Drama As Man Allegedly Dumps A Lady Whom He Has Dated For 28 Years And Marries Another

A female Twitter user has shocked people when she narrated the sad and heartbreaking story of how a man dumped a lady whom he has dated for 28 years just to get married to another.

Some men are known to exhibit sheer wickedness to women who are madly in love with them. Most of these men are in the habit of wasting a lady’s time and going ahead to dump them for younger women.

In this case which was reported online by one Twitter user known as Emem, a lady who dated a man for the past 28 years received the shock of her life when she found that the man had dumped her and married someone else.

According to the lady who shared the heartbreaking news on social media, the unfortunate lady started dating the heartless man when she was only 18 years old.


From that time the lady had stuck with the man and they have dated and been in an intimate relationship for the past 28 years. It was when the lady was over 40 years old that the man now dumped her and married a younger girl.

Reacting to the story, most people could not believe what they had read as they said that what the man did to the lady is just sheer wickedness because he knows that the lady may not find a man to marry her again due to her age.

Others were of the opinion that the lady must have done something wrong to the man to warrant him dumping her at such a time. They said she could have even been caught cheating.


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