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Drama As Man Allegedly Gives A Lady Only N1,500 After She Spent A Week In His House

A Twitter user has announced that a lady received just a paltry 1,500 naira from her boyfriend after she spent a whole week in his house, causing funny reactions from men and women.

It is usually the habit for women to expect money from men or their boyfriends after they pay them a visit. This habit has been likened to women selling off their bodies for money, even to their boyfriends.

In fact, some women are so used to the practice that they sometimes vehemently refuse to receive some certain amounts of money if according to them the money is not enough.

In the instant story which was shared by one Feranmi on Twitter, the lady had traveled from another state to the state where her boyfriend stays and paid 6,000 naira as transport fare.

After she got there, she and her supposed boyfriend stayed together for over a week and did all the things that lovers do, however, she was shocked to her marrows when it was time to go and the boyfriend had the effrontery to give her just N1,500, which is not even half of what she paid as transport.

While reacting to the story, the men have held different views as some women have. According to the men, the man was right to give her 1,500 after all she is not a runs girl or prostitute.

The men also pointed out that while she was in the man’s house, the man fed and housed her for the week that she stayed with him, saying that she is supposed to pay the man instead and not the other way around.

But some women have expressed anger over the issue, as according to them, such an amount is too small for a woman who spent a week in a man’s house. Some even said they would have rejected the money as it is insulting.


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