Drama As Man Went To His Girlfriend’s Hostel To Propose To Her And Finds Out She Slept Outside

A man who wanted to surprise his loving girlfriend with a Marriage proposal ended up having the shock of his life when he arrived at the girl’s hostel and found out that the young lady spent the night outside.

Every 14th February being Valentine’s day, so many persons set out to propose to their lovers or at least, do something to show their lovers how much they love them. Some of these persons end up being hurt because of what they find out.

For instance, couples who are in long distance relationships usually find out when they go to surprise their lovers with visits that their lovers have other people that they have been cheating on them with.

In this case, a young man who had been in a long distance relationship with his girlfriend decided to surprise her with a visit where he planned to propose to her.

Unfortunately for him, on getting to the lady’s hostel, the young man found out that his girlfriend did not even sleep in the hostel as she spent a night outside, possibly with another man.

According to the lady who broke the news, the incident happened at Ibiam Hostel. She said that when it happened, all the girls were helping the young man to knock on the girl’s gate. But to no avail.

Reacting to the story, many persons have advised that lovers who are in long distance relationships be very careful with their partners because they may find out that the person they have all their hopes in already has someone else.


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