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Dreaming Of Centipedes In Your Dream Land Means A lot

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To dream of a centipede represents feelings about annoying situations that are so scarily wacky that you’ll do anything to avoid them. Annoying wackiness that’s difficult to control.

It may also reflect feelings about putting up with people you really don’t like because they are too odd or unconventional for your comfort level. Feeling bothered by someone or something too unusual for comfort that is imposing itself on you.

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Negatively, it may also reflect a fear or annoyance of never getting to discuss something ever again because something weird or wacky is more important.


Fearing conditions that are completely out of touch with your wishes. Fearing permanent choices that make no sense that are out of your control. Feeling annoyed having to put up with a wacky person or wacky situation that defies all rationality.

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Example: A woman dreamed of seeing dead and half-dead centipedes in a sink of water as she washed lettuce. In waking life she had an unwanted pregnancy which motivated her to get an abortion. The dream may have reflected her mixed feelings about thinking an abortion would make her look scarily wacky to friends and family.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of an centipede that needed to be killed. In waking life her boyfriend broke up with her and told her that he never wanted to discuss getting back together again, but then later told her he may want to at a much later date. The centipede in this case may have reflected the girl feelings about her boyfriend’s idea of getting back to together being an annoyingly wacky idea needing to be stopped.

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