After I Dressed Like This to a Party, Here was What Happened to Me (Fiction) - Mc Ebisco After I Dressed Like This to a Party, Here was What Happened to Me (Fiction) - Mc Ebisco

After I Dressed Like This to a Party, Here was What Happened to Me (Fiction)

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I was born into a family o four and I am the eldest. My name is Rebecca but everyone calls me Becky. I am a very tall and light skinned lady. At 18, I was already in my first year studying international relations. I usually visited home once in a while and I always had separate clothes for going home because I knew my parents may not approve of the nice ones I wore in school.

One evening, my roommate was all excited about a party. She said it was a birthday and that the celebrant is a big man and as such, many rich people would we everywhere spraying money and drinking expensive wine. She asked me if I would love to go with her so that she could buy two tickets. I Was a little sceptical because of the price of the tickets which amounted to fifteen thousand naira but my roommate assured me that with my beauty, I would get more than that at the party so I agreed and bought the ticket. The following weekend, we used a cab to drop at the venue and submitted our tickets and went in. I wore a gown which showed off some skin on my leg.

Just like my roommate said, there were lots of cars packed and I was really hoping to get at least 70,000 naira before going back to my hostel.

The party soon began in full and we danced around the hall and we were ready taking the attention of most men. A young man approached me and we went to drink on his table. As we were drinking, I saw a man who had my father’s figure approaching the table. I was not scared because I knew my father doesn’t attend such parties. To my greatest surprise, it was really my father. He thanked the young man who had called him earlier and my father drove me home. I still wonder how the young man knew me.

My mother cried when she saw me dressed like that. She said I didn’t want to be a got example to my younger ones. She said I have allowed bad friends influence me. What pained me the most was that I never got back my ticket fee. I never believed her until my roommate never called my line even though she never saw me leaving the party and I didn’t come back to the hostel either. After one week of staying at home, when I came back, I confronted my roommate for not calling to know if I was safe. She said she thought something bad happened to me at the party and she didn’t want to call before she would be traced and questioned. I felt very disappointed in her and now I need to end my friendship with her please how can I do it?


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