DSS, ARMY IN SERIOUS TROUBLE As Powerful Group Exposes REAL CAUSE Of Recent Kaduna Road Attack


A group of 76 Non- Governmental Organisations (NGO) and Civil Society Activists have blamed the current surge in attacks by terrorists on the country’ s military formations & other infrastructures on the lack of formidable intelligence in the intelligence unit of Nigeria military and other security agencies.

They also extended the blame to the Department of State Services(DSS) and one of its sister’ s agencies, Defence Intelligence Agency(DIA) over a series of robbery attacks, killings and kidnapping which has caused serious embarrassment to the Armed Forces and the country at large.

In the statement revealed by Vanguard, the group specifically mentioned the recent kidnapping along the Kaduna- Abuja highway which led to the abduction of some unspecified number of travellers and the unfortunate killing of a former governorship aspirant, Sagir Hamid; an attack on a military camp in Borno which led to the ambush of a high- ranking military officer, Brig. Gen. Dzarma Zirkusu; the Kaduna- Abuja bound train attack where a former lawmaker, Sen. Shehu Sani escaped death by whiskers; and other several attacks.

The group also urged the Federal government and the military high command to replace those who are responsible for the intelligence gathering of the forces hammering that a weak and defective intelligence unit cannot guarantee victory in the ongoing security challenges.

They also advised the Federal government and the military not to allow anything that would jeopardize their laudable efforts towards eradicating the insurgents and other non- state actors in the country.

” We have x- rayed the several attacks our troops have suffered and have come to the realisation that poor intelligence made our troops vulnerable. The gallantry of our personnel is legendary; the tactical strategies are top- notch. However, we cannot say the same about intelligence gathering” the group said

Similarly, the coalition group also argued that the failure of both the DSS ad DIA has rendered the office of the National Security Adviser ineffective as the office rely fully on the intelligence provided by these two agencies. They however called for the dismissal of the leadership of these two intelligence agencies.

” The Air Force planes can remain in the air perpetually for surveillance, but if intelligence is missing, the enemy with superior intelligence will continue to explore the missing links. As patriots, we are compelled to draw the attention of the authorities to this critical component of warfare,

” We cannot afford to allow persons who are not committed to the course of defeating insurgents to occupy sensitive positions as far as intelligence gathering is concerned. We therefore in clear terms urge the federal government to immediately sanitise the Department of State Security service and Defence Intelligence Agency to put an end to these painful and embarrassing attacks leading to loss of precious personnel” , the group noted.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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