DSS Finally Release Update On The Yoruba Agitator, Sunday Igboho


The department of State Security services(DSS) has finally released a verified update on the popular agitator, Sunday Igboho. According to the Punch, the Yoruba leader is currently handed over to another government to verify if he might be guilty or not. However, it has not been stated if Sunday Igboho is guilty, but his extradition will determine if he will be sentenced or set bail.

Ultimately, Sunday Igboho is precisely in the extradition process in Nigeria and sentences have not fallen on him yet. While speaking on Sunday on Igboho’ s behalf, Yomi Saliu his lawyer documented a case against the DSS in Ibadan high court. Meanwhile, Sunday Igboho’ s lawyer has already filed the DSS two billionaire lawsuit for definitive damages.

See what fans had to say:

Aiyesoro Ayobami Abiodun Olufimo

” No shaking. . . . God is there and more powerful than anybody. . But bandits and their sponsors are there walking around this country freely! Scam country lasan”

Aivoji Tolulope Medese

” Why Nigeria and not allow him continue his journey to Germany? Me I’ m afraid to”

I don’ t know what that man did that they just decided to sanctioned him and arrest him, because he had some weapons and ammunition, charm in his hideout, I seem to not understand what’ s going on with this case and extradition going around the country”

Johnson Kingsley

” Can you now see that Nigeria is hell fire. People have started sympathizing with igboho for moves to be extradited to his country”

Sam Lambo

” Federal government you have failed your citizen and DSS your days are numbers”

I think Sunday Igboho has create good things for the Yoruba, I think the guy is doing well and giving the Yoruba people a good life to live on. He is trying I love his doings. I pray they should release him”

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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