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If You Eat Palm Tree Worms, This Information Is For You

Regarding uniqueness, lifestyle, resources and beauty, Africa owes its basic impetus to the vast reservoir and repertoire of its rich cultural heritage and traditions. I say this with a sense of pride because if you were born and bred in a typical African society, you would have tasted or at least, known what palm tree worms are (Apologies to our Indomie Generation, they are lost at this point).

Now about palm tree worms, they are equally called Sago worms and they are gotten from palm trees. In Nigeria for instance, people who eat this particular worm have different ways of preparing it. It can be roasted, boiled and even be eaten raw (surprising stuff?).

Before you begin to act like you want to puke on your phone, I have tasted this before and it is awesome and there’s no way (I mean no way) you will not want to plead for more. And I really easy this? Not once or twice but for one-two many times and boy, this is good. Without doubts, Palm tree worms taste better than fishes and meats when it’s carefully prepared (I stand to be corrected though).

At this juncture, you may be tempted to ask about the purpose for writing this article. Obviously, it is not unrelated to revealing some facts about Palm Tree worms and on why it is both healthy and safe to eat.

However, it will interest you to know that palm tree worms are gotten from decaying coconut trees and majorly from palm trees. They are remarkably rich in protein and some developing countries here in this part of the world take it as meat. And before you begin to grimace your face and give me that disgusting look, palm tree worms are nutritious. Not just that, they are rich in nutrients and they are already generating good income for people who are selling them and taking its business seriously.

  1. Number one major thing about Palm trees is the fact that they contain amino acids, ash, oil and energy. And it has been proven through research that eating sago worms on regular basis can sustain the capacity to increase the magnesium, , iron, lipid, dietary fiber, zinc and carbohydrate.

  2. Research works reveal that its equivalent in protein are eggs.

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