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Edo: See How Obaseki Media Aides Are Celebrating The Supreme Court Judgement On Bayelsa

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We have been capturing every single detail as we fast approach the Edo State elections.

It has been intriguing all the way albeit for a sudden turn in the introduction of explosives.

Already reporters covering the Edo elections are jittery over their personal safety since the last two weeks.

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Oppositional figures have had their houses targeted with explosives and there is an uneasy calm on the state presently.

Today the supreme court gave its verdict on the Bayelsa Elections and have nullified the victory of David Lyon as governor-elect of Bayelsa State, barely 24 hours to his inauguration.

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With the news of the nullification, the media aides of Governor Obaseki immediately took over the social media space mocking the APC National Chairman for the nullification.

They claim it is a big defeat for Oshiomhole and only signifies the beginning of his downfall.

Recall when the APC candidate won the elections it took Governor Godwin Obaseki over 78 hrs before he congratulated his fellow APC governor-elect.

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Obaseki who always wants to have all the glory to himself was angry about the victory of the APC in Bayelsa. He wanted to remain as the only APC South-South Governor.

Also, there was a rumour flying around that David Lyon was to be made the vice-chairman of the progressive governor’s forum a position which Obaseki presently occupies.

If David Lyon was inaugurated and was appointed the vice-chairman it would have been a big blow for the egoistic Obaseki.

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Obaseki has every reason to celebrate the court judgement, Obaseki who is already on his way out of the party is spending his last energy on tarnishing the image of Adams Oshiomhole before his eventual departure.

ow this court judgement favours the political battle ahead for Obaseki is yet to be seen.

Please share and drop your comments so we can hear your views.

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