EFF Reveals Its Plans To Create Labour Union During Workers' Day Rally To Represent The Needs Of Workers
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EFF Reveals Its Plans to Create Labour Union During Workers’ Day Rally to Represent the Needs of Workers

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EFF Reveals Its Plans to Create Labour Union During Workers’ Day Rally to Represent the Needs of Workers

MPUMALANGA – Leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema revealed his plans to create a labour union to assist workers with challenges and issues they face. Malema spoke during the May Day rally on Sunday, 1 May in Middleburg, Mpumalanga.

The political party has been assisting workers through its labour desk, where they are encouraged to air their grievances. However, according to Malema, the EFF is often taken to court by companies that claim it does not legal authority to challenge issues related to work.

EFF leader Julius Malema addressed thousands of supports at a Workers’ Day event.
Image: @EFFSouthAfrica/Twitter
Source: Twitter

During his address, Malema said the labour desk has been performing exceptionally and has to fight court battles related to work daily. He said regardless of having a labour union, the party fights for the rights of black people being exploited in the workplace.

According to TimesLIVE, the EFF’s decision to establish a union will allow the party to insource workers in municipalities and other government departments. Malema said an EFF union is “inevitable” and that unions in the country often take the side of employers.

“That union will never sell their workers out. That union will always be on the side of the workers. The EFF union is coming, this is just a warm-up. We are preparing to do a union and not a Mickey Mouse union that is in cahoots and in bed with the employer,” Malema said while addressing a large crowd.

He added that workers who are divided are exploited easily, SABC News reported.

South Africans weigh in on the proposed union

@Moodzmm said:

“This makes sense, there’s good money in unionising workers and collecting those fees but also in leveraging the associated influence at a political level.”

@lulujayLONA wrote:

“Add that the union is to look after the interests of immigrant workers.”

@mokone_eddie commented:

“Why would a political party that wants to be in power one day want to have a union?”

@MarkyKhumalo posted:

“It’s a well-documented fact that our unions are one of the main reasons for our high unemployment. This will chase investment away in record numbers in light of clicks, H&M stupidity and senseless destruction. They can’t create jobs, so they’ll chase them away for a monthly subscription.”

@poplitication stated:

“This will be a game-changer for workers!”

@MsibiTshepo94 added:

“Maybe this time you will learn to listen to the workers and their demands.”

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