After I Employed A Driver, God Was Unhappy With Me Because I Stopped Doing This In My Car:(Adeboye)

If you get bored after 5 minutes of prayer, it is a sign that you are already backsliding according to pastor Adeboye in the Open Heavens devotional titled ‘Signs of Backsliding 3’, you are supposed to enjoy God’s presence and fellowship.

He said the most distressing bible passage for him was when God skipped Eli to deliver a message to Samuel and it was a sign that Eli had stopped fellowshipping with God. If Eli hadn’t stopped, God would have spoken to him himself about the wrongdoings.

Adeboye also spoke about himself, he said God was unhappy with him because before he employed a driver, he used to sing and praise God so much in his car that the atmosphere of the car would be filled with God’s presence, he would even shed tears and have to park his car for a while before continuing the journey.

When he got a driver, the tradition stopped and because God loves us and enjoys our fellowship, he spoke to Adeboye about it and Adeboye defended himself by saying it wouldn’t have been nice for his driver to see him shed tears, the driver would assume something is wrong with him. God asked if it was wrong or he made a mistake by giving him a driver, it was then Adeboye realized his wrongdoing and unlike Eli, quickly apologized.

Adeboye snuck out at midnight to worship God alone when everyone was asleep, he enjoyed it so much that he shed tears and he realized he had missed God’s presence.

Gloria Copeland said in her decades in ministry, she’s noticed that the bigger and prosperous you get, the more difficult it is to have time for God because you will become very busy. You must find a way to balance it and be intentional because the presence of God is part of what maintains peace in the prosperity.

Don’t get bored fellowshipping with God, He is priority!


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