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EMPLOYMENT: Check Out The New Program Buhari Govt Just Launched To Create 3. 7 Million Jobs Annually


The government of President Muhammadu Buhari has announced an initiative to create at least 3. 7 million employment for young people per year.

With the establishment of the Nigerian Youth Employment Action Plan (NIYEAP), the government expressed hope that youth unemployment would be dramatically decreased.

According to Naija News, the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare, said in a statement released on Tuesday that the launch is part of President Muhammadu Buhari’s commitment to mobilize the youth’s energies and capacities to reduce the risks to national security posed by rising unemployment.


Dare went on to say that the NIYEAP is another government initiative aimed at creating an enabling environment that will result in the creation of around 3. 7 million employment per year.

The minister stated that rather than being viewed as a group targeted for periodic empowerment efforts, youths should be viewed as a feasible investment that will generate positive results in all areas of our socioeconomic advancement.

The Minister noted: ” It is important to state that the economic and social consequences of youth unemployment transcend the youth group. It has also resulted in missed economic opportunities for the nation.


” This is because youth inclusion is about skilled human capital, social and economic stability, a vibrant and healthy labor force, which will also engender political stability and national growth and development, ” the minister added.

Since Dare took office, the ministry in which he works has focused on transitioning youth development interventions from an empowerment model to a sustainable system, according to Dare.

He went on to say that the action plan focuses on the 4Es: ” Employability, Entrepreneurship Development, Employment Creation, and Equality and Rights.

” Under each theme, the 4Es are further divided into strategic lines of action, with a focus on areas with significant job-creation potential.


” They include Digital Economy, Rural Economy, Green Economy and Renewable energy sector, Manufacturing, Tourism, Construction, and Services. ”

In Other News: ‘ We’re Ready To Dialogue With You To Stop These Uncivilized Behaviours Over Open Grazing Ban’ – Miyetti Allah To Ortom


Fulani Herders’ Umbrella, The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) has expressed an interest in meeting with Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State to discuss the anti-open grazing law.

Governor Ortom and the group have been at odds over the North Central state’s implementation of a law prohibiting open grazing.

Ortom claimed that MACBAN is fueling the issue in the state because it wants his administration to overturn the law during a press conference last week Wednesday in Markurdi, the state capital.


Baba Othman Ngelzarma, MACBAN’ s National Secretary, denied the group was involved in violence and was to blame for the state’s killings in an interview with The PUNCH on Monday.

He stated that the group’s aim was not to spar with the governor but to put an end to the needless death of innocent people.

MACBAN, according to Ngelzarma, is open to constructive dialogues in order to develop long-term solutions that will put a stop to all of these uncivilized behaviors.


He stated, ” We are not interested in the exchange of unnecessary comments that will not do anybody any good. As a responsible association, we want to see an end to this senseless killing of innocent people. We, as an association, respect all constituted authorities and believe in law and order, and hold all state governors in high esteem as chief security officers of their states.

” We also believe that the Benue State governor has sworn to protect the lives and economic well-being of all his citizens, irrespective of their socioeconomic/ethnoreligious backgrounds.

” The law only ends up suffocating both farmers and herders to make them bankrupt. Ortom, as a deeply religious person, knows very well that one day he will be called to account by the Almighty for how he manages his state during his tenure as governor.


” MACBAN is never in any doubt about the position of governors being the controllers of state security and land and the Houses of Assembly being responsible for making laws. But all we desire is justice, equality, and fairness in the discharge of their constitutional responsibilities.

” Our doors will remain open for constructive discussions to find lasting solutions that will bring to an end all this uncivilized behavior. “

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