END OF THE ROAD For 3 Kidnappers Over Police Arrest, See How They Were Caught


Best Abarawe, a security guard employed for a company in Benin City, Edo state, has been detained on suspicion of collaborating with a kidnapping group to kidnap top executives from the company. The police apprehended Abarawe together with two other accused kidnappers, Jacob Goto and Akpadulaha Yamoh, who were all taken into custody.

A number of kidnappings in the state, including attacks on many operators of sand excavation enterprises known as ” Burrow Pit, ” were reported to have taken place by the suspects, who were placed on the police wanted list.

Abarawe was reported to have taken advantage of his contact with the company to obtain first- hand information about the big- wig employees, after which he allegedly recruited kidnappers to abduct them and hold them ransom for their release.


As reported by Festus Alenkhe, a crime correspondent, the security guard led them to the company, where they assessed the surroundings before kidnapping the manager, Kingsley Osazuwa.

The victim was transported via the Ikpoba River on the Benin- Agbor route in Edo state to an unknown location after being seized from his home.


Eventually, the kidnappers were able to communicate with the family and demanded N10 million. After extensive negotiations, the corporation agreed to pay N3. 5 million in order to secure his release.

Similarly, on the 20th of July, 2021, the suspects assaulted another sand excavation firm in Benin city, where one Mr Ehikioya had been kidnapped earlier that day.


The victim was also transported through the Ikpoba River to an undisclosed location, where they began a ransom negotiation with the family. The accused were able to free the man after collecting an undisclosed amount of money.

On the 24th of July in the year 2021, the suspects infiltrated another Burrow pit in Benin city and kidnapped the Director, who was spirited away through the Ikpe river to a stream in the state of Delta.


However, problems arose when the security guard who provided the kidnapping information felt cheated out of the money gathered from the victims, resulting in a backlash and a public outcry.

Abarawe, who eventually made his way to Warri in Delta state, was apprehended by members of the Edo state police command’ s Anti- Kidnapping and Cyber Crime section before being taken into custody. He then went on to identify other members of the group, all of whom were apprehended by authorities right away.


In an interview with the Standard Gazette, one of the suspects, Jacob Goto, said that he escaped from prison in October 2020 after the cells were forcibly opened during the ENDSARS rally in Benin city.

The prison on Sapele Road in Benin City was my home for a few months. When I returned to the surface, a man approached me and said me that there were some people in the Burrow pits who had money and that we should abduct them. We kept an eye on them and even kidnapped a few of them. ” I’ ve already been incarcerated for kidnapping and armed robbery as well, ” he continued.


SP Bello Kontongs, a spokesman for the State Police Command, who confirmed the arrest, said that the police will apprehend the remaining members of the gang who are now on the run.

” Kidnappers and other criminals would not be allowed to take over public spaces in Edo state without being apprehended, ” he warned.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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