END TIME IS NEAR: See What A Man Did To This Lady In Public That Made People Say He’s Not Man Enough

Internet trafficking of young girls is often experienced in all African countries today where the contractually contracted phonetic mode of business is currently booming. With a fresh, broader scam scheme that we have unveiled, so that decent people don’t fall for it.

A witness with the AF initials told us of his misadventure with tears in his eyes because the companions of the pseudo-managers of bizy were filmed and beaten. Despite the sum of 10,000FCFAs she shouted to kill.

He owed her to share the night with him sparklingly. “An extremely crowded spots in the towns of Adjamé and Abobo are forming this scam. He discusses his funny tale. Be careful, thus. The girls walk from one end of the station or from the different car park areas known as gala through mini cars with complicit persons hanging close by.

They identify the perpetrator in line with the individual’s costume and chicness. When you walk over, she calls and says, please, “my brother,” she snatches at you and cries: “Give me my money. When you stop, cross your eyes. It’s you, I realised. You took advantage of me and left me to run away at the inn. You didn’t want to pay my money.


GOD is amazing, today I caught you, you humiliated me and you don’t pay. You’re running away, today I caught you.” Surprised, because after all it’s not real. “Give me coco, 10,000 FCFA or whatever you have on you, if you don’t want passengers to film you and place my complices on the internet,” she whispered quietly in your ear.

While surprised, if you reject this unsatisfactory plan. She continues to yell even more, pull herself to the ground and call for support from passersby. Those that lurk in the environment are nothing other than these accomplices. They come from all around, they beat you, they take you far from the sight, they scream to the crowds around you, that they will take you to the police.

But they do not choose your luggage, give you slaps and drop you in the station’s labyrinth. I’m really in denial and I have experienced it. That our municipal government is really looking at this modern type of robbery and violence,” explained A.F.

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