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#EndSARS: 3 Things That May Happen If Nigeria’s Government Shutdown The Internet To End Protest

Lack of faith in Nigeria Government due to numerous failed promises has made the youths to lack trust in the dissolution of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad as announced by the Inspector General of Police. People insist that the disbandment is not enough to end the nationwide protest because the same announcement has been made severally without a tangible result, therefore Nigeria Government are not to be trusted and the protest continue.


While the youths insist on continuing the protest, government is trying to make it end with different tactics employed. There are reports that a zoom meeting was held between the acclaimed youth representatives, the government officials and the business icons in the country, yet the protest continue.

Therefore, like many countries in the world especially the Africa continent, the government might decide to shutdown the internet either totally or partially to break down means of communication between the aggrieved youths. This could have been great strategy but it may lead to civil unrest with the following reasons:

1. Internet is Everything to the Youth

The government should know that there are many Nigerians who haven’t joined the protest on the street, it not because they were busy at work nor because they are afraid but because they prefer to follow the development on internet from their respective locations.

Does the government know that the only source of happiness to many unemployed youths is their ability to use the internet. Therefore, shutting down of internet will only provoke more youths and leads to another protest.

2. Economy Downturns

If the internet was to be shutdown either partially which could affect only the social networks like twitter, facebook and instagram or total shutdown of internet usage. All these will affect economy badly as many Nigerians who couldn’t own a website of their own depend on social networks to advertise and showcase their goods. Therefore it will be a worst decision that will affect many businesses.

3. Leads to Dictatorship

Many Nigerians have condemned the inability of the government to respond to people’s demand on time and their refusal to sometimes follow Court’s orders.

Depriving people access to internet when they speak out their need with peaceful protest will only give more names to the government.

Having said all these, the idea of shutting down the internet as speculated might be a bad idea for the government and the entire Nation.

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