#EndSARS: Dr Paul Enenche has Finally Spoken About The SARS protest, See What He Said

The senior pastor of the Dunamis international gospel center Dr. Paul Enenche has finally broken the silence as he finally speaks about the on going protest of Nigerians to end SARS.

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It no longer news that the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) has been in the news for quite a while as Nigerians are fed up of their unlawful act of harassing, extorting and arresting of innocent citizens for no crime committed.

Well Nigerians has decided to take active steps to bring an end to the unlawful and brutal behavior of the SARS officers meanwhile most Nigeria citizens expressed disappoint towards the Nigerian pastors who has decided to keep mute over the disturbing issue.

Well, it seems like things has changed as the senior pastor of Dunamis, Dr. Paul Enenche has finally spoken up about the End SARS protest.

Dr. Paul Enenche reacting to the issue said that only true change is the only way forward, not resistance by force.

According to his words, he said “There is a limit to which the human spirit and mind can cope with oppression. Our people are easygoing excitable, we have very long endurance capacity, hard to complain as we are wired to endure.

“All manner of terrible oppression, nepotistic oppression, egotistic oppression, where this is visible oppression from one segment of the country; tying to dominate by force and taking strategic positions. People have been keeping quiet for a very long time and they say we can keep quiet any more. And the solution is not to resist them by force; the solution is to make the thing change urgently.”

Indeed he has spoken well as its seems he clearly understand the issue at hand, what do you think about his speech, do you agree with what he said? Drop your comments below and share, also make sure you click on the follow button to get more latest updates and notifications from us.

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