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Endsars: Neco Postpones 2020 Final Year Examination (See Photos)

The national Examination council [Neco] are please to announced to the public that the 2020 final examination has been postponed as a result of the Endsars protest.

Student are not happy concerning the current situations in Nigeria, they stayed for a very long time during the coronavirus outbreak.

This has made their study backward and it also make them not fully ready for their final examinations

People have to understand that the neco official have nothing to do with the delay but rather they are abiding by the rules and regulations of Nigerian government.

Curfew has been imposed in many state in Nigeria due to the on going endsars protests which has led to lose of many innocent souls.

There is no way the Neco will conduct examination leaving other students in some of the state with curfew behind.

Therefore, schools are to be on hold for now and the exams are rescheduled in the letter below.

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