Why I Should Have More Enemies Than All My Members – Bishop Oyedepo

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Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide spoke at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle and revealed that there are 3 main avenues through which Christians access light and they are through personal search, through the Church platform and through the teaching priests.

After discussing about the 3 main platforms by which God operates, he revealed that no one should think that he does not have enemies. He said that there is nobody that does not have any enemy but his own enemy is even greater than the members of his church’s enemy. He said he has greater enemy because of the way he has been troubling the kingdom of darkness on a daily basis.

Screenshot 2021 08 22 at 23 41 00 Why I Should Have More Enemies Than All My Members Bishop Oyedepo

“You think I don’t have enemies, there is none of us who doesn’t have, but I should have more than you do, because of the way I am privileged to be troubling the kingdom of darkness on daily basis, night and day, when I am sleeping, they keep seeing me going around. My Angel doesn’t sleep, He goes around to slap people who are misbehaving.”

He however gave a story of an elderly woman who came to him and revealed that she said a lot of things against him and she felt that she was being slap but she didn’t see those who were slapping her. he said that you didn’t even know what to do at that moment but he just had to forgive her and let her go. “It is my Angel who called some other Angels that there is somebody to slap somewhere,” he said.

He also revealed they he taught on Angels one day in Kaduna and armed robbers came into a place. The person said, “angels of God show up” and they started hearing loud noise on the ceiling. The robbers took heed. They caught the Word and at that time, there was nobody to call, there was no mobile phone.

In conclusion, he explained that Light is sweet and he is too conscious of his own Angel because everyone has but they may not be conscious of them. You may run away while your Angel is standing by to deliver you. He said that those who do wickedly against the covenant of knowledge, the Lord will corrupt them with flatteries. But those who do know their God, they shall be strong and they shall do exploits.

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