If You Enter Any Church And Notice Any Of These 3 Things, Run For Your Dear Life!!

We live in a time when, in the name of religion, many people are being deceived.

Generally speaking, humans behind Nigerians are always whisked away by miracles, or should I even call the miracle sef Magic? If you can perform a miracle in Nigeria, or perform signs and wonders, you are on your way not only to Stardom but to wealth. I keep saying, ” The second most recent way to get rich in Nigeria is through politics is through religion. ” Fine enough, most of these so- called miracles are even performed, some pastors even go a long way to engage in evil practices that will help attract people to their churches through the miracles they perform knowing well that Nigerians love miracles. It is no surprise that a large crowd in such Churches emphasizes miracles more.

Below are five ways to identify fake pastor Nigerian.

They Preach Prosperity, things You Love to Hear

Not only would a real man of God preach on the sweetest part of the Bible, and God’ s promises, he should also tell you how dangerous and jealous God can be when sin is involved in a life of belief. In Nigeria, most of God’ s men preach more about prosperity than salvation. They never preach HELL, and how to prevent it. CHRISTIANITY IS NOT


Though it’ s not bad to preach prosperity, doing it in excess is what’ s bad. If in Nigeria you find any pastor focusing more on wealth and prosperity than on the salvation of people’ s souls, that pastor is fake as he is looking for ways to fill his pocket. Run from such a church and make sure that your soul is comfortable in your sins.


Living a Luxurious Lifestyle

What exactly is Christianity? Christianity simply means to be like Christ. Most of God’ s pastors or men are more concerned with how to gather wealth on Earth for themselves. Jesus Christ, who is our perfect example, gave his apostles a model and told them to do away with material things so that the devil would not use such things to tempt them from the truth. Good can choose to bless a wealthy believer, but if it becomes the center of your focus (god), then idolatry and no idolaters will enter the kingdom of God, including your shepherd! You see pastors, general overseers, priests and so on living luxurious lifestyles in today’ s modern world, while their members go hungry and wallow in abject poverty, waiting for God to make them rich. Some of those so- called men- of- God own billions of dollars different properties, yet Nigeria is suffering from an economic downturn.

This should not be so, a real and true pastor should learn to live a moderate life, not to gather wealth to himself so that he can be emulated by his congregation.

They Mislead Others by Twisting the Words of the Bible

I know that most people in Nigeria will be surprised by this particular way of identifying a fake pastor, it’ s the truth. Many fake Pastors deceive their flock by spinning the Holy Bible’ s words in the manner it fits. Imagine the picture above, and decide whether some churches in Nigeria are not the true state. They are doing so because they are sure to benefit from preaching like that. Whatever your priest or pastor preaches on the altar, you should try to check in your Bible as much as possible to see if it’ s wrong or not.

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